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For the first time in history, we developed a personal aptitude model based on the cognitive process of human brain, namely, 'COBI - Cognitive Orientation and Behavior Index.'

With this advanced tool, we now have grown into a multi-national consultation and support center helping both individuals and organizations understand themselves and find ways to improve their lives.

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Through empirical approach on the cognitive and meta-cognitive process of human brain, researchers in our institute devoted themselves to identifying hidden link between cognitive process and behavioral outcome for the past 2 decades.

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This powerful analytic tool of human behavior brings tremendous amount of benefits and new opportunities to any organization or business that involves with human interaction. From career planning of an individual to consumer behavior of a specific social group, the versatile application of COBI test is almost limitless.

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From young students and startup entrepreneurs to universities and government offices, hundreds and thousands of people and organizations benefited from our one-of-a-kind aptitude assessment tool and its wide range of applications.

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